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A Suggestion Turned Endeavor: Running for Iredell County Commissioner

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Iredell County Commissioner Candidate Melissa Neader's thoughts on her campaign, kick-off event, and moving forward in her 2020 campaign.

First, I will say that as American citizens, we have the opportunity to run for an elected position. And I am proud of that opportunity, and extremely thankful for all those who have fought to protect that right, and maintain our country’s freedom.

Over two years ago, it was suggested to me that I should run for the elected position of Iredell County Commissioner. With much thought and discussion with my husband, Mike, and our family, I began to have conversations with current elected officials. From those discussions, I gained new perspectives about ‘holding office’ and what a campaigning experience is truly like. It was from that point forward that what had started as a suggestion evolved to a dedicated endeavor.

With the Need Neader Republican Committee established, a well-supported kick-off event completed, and the filing process done, I am now able to direct my sole focus on the March 3, 2020 primary election.

Through my daily activities, I find that I am largely aligned in direct communication with community members.

But each day is more than just routine; it is another chance for me to be directly involved with the residents of Iredell County. I am able to see the needs, hear the concerns, and personally speak with folks in the communities.

I feel that my diverse experiences with the people of Iredell County strengthen me to have a seat at the table as a County Commissioner, as I feel that I can adequately represent the public’s essential needs, while also striving for a better, more prosperous future.

I support matters that benefit our local public health, safety, and educational needs, while also bringing prosperous workforce development and compatible industry for good jobs within our county. Additionally, my campaign centralizes on representing Iredell County residents of all ages by considering the needs and interest of all our residents.

Therefore, I do not claim to have all the answers. But I do believe in putting forth the hard work to find the answers by gathering input from the people that those issues impact, and from those that have the training and experience to support solutions. Plus, I feel that respectful, open-minded conversation and creative-thinking will encourage new perspectives and discussions.

I am excited to move forward and dedicate myself further to pursuing the elected position of County Commissioner. I am determined to work hard because I truly believe that there is no greater show of confidence than to receive a vote from a fellow county resident. An individual’s vote is a validation of their confidence in their chosen candidate, and I hope to earn your vote as we move forward in the campaign process.

Thus far, I am so pleased at the overwhelming support I have received. I look forward to continuing on this path as I meet more Iredell County residents and learn about your concerns your needs, and wants.

With that said, please follow me as I share my journey along with thoughts and viewpoints. I also encourage questions from the citizens of Iredell County.

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